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Business Owners ...

We can provide you capital up to $250,000 based upon your sales and not your credit history.

How our Loan Programs Work
Managed Assets will approve the capital you need based on your sales. After approval, the money will be direct deposited into the business checking account in just a few days.


How the Loan is Paid Back
The loan is then paid back with a fixed dollar amount daily or weekly from your sales and is deducted from your checking account or an account linked to your checking . Once it is set up you will have access through the internet to check all activity.

Loans are based on your monthly sales and bank statements, and pre-qualifying is a simple process.

  • Business with at least $10,000 in sales per month

  • Restaurants should be open and processing for at least three months

  • Retail should be open for twelve months

  • Business can be approved regardless of credit history

How to get started on your working capital loan:

  • Completely fill out and fax the application

  • Collect and send the last three months Visa, Master Card and bank statements

  • New restaurants must have at least one month Visa and Master card statement from processing company

Unfortunately, in today’s economic environment many business owners can no longer count on traditional sources of financing, such as a bank loans, credit card, or other types of traditional financing.


Whether it is due to a lack of collateral or meeting the bank’s credit requirements, traditional sources have become more restrictive over time.


This has resulted in a surge of alternative financing programs geared to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses. The amount of capital which can be advanced to your business is based strictly on your monthly sales and not your personal credit or time in business. In order to qualify you only need to provide us with an application and bank statements. With these you can expect to get pre-approved for twice the amount of your monthly sales.


Paying back a loan is simple because we will automatically deduct a small percentage or fixed dollar amount of your monthly sales on a daily or weekly basis.


Regardless of your credit and with no collateral requirements, a business working capital loan may be just what your company needs. Best of all, once you establish a relationship with a provider; future advances are readily available throughout the life of your business.

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