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Financial Services

Equipment Leasing

My company can lease finance all types of capital equipment, software as well as any implementation and training that may be needed.  

Working Capital Loan

We can provide you capital up to $250,000 based upon your sales and not your credit history. Managed Assets will approve the capital you need based on your sales. These loans are not based on credit but use the assets you own to secure the funds needed to raise capital for your business with longer terms. Some purposes would include accounts payable, additional inventory, expansion or any other need you may have to grow! The length of the loan is similar to that of a conventional financing.

Real Estate Loans & Re-Financing
Are you looking to refinance your loan? We have what you need to answer all your refinancing questions.
Managed Assets is now pleased to present our mortgage and re-finance programs where there is a credit issue or the Loan To Value they are offering is not large enough. Our lenders are more aggressive than your local bank and can use real estate to secure other projects!

Accounts Receivable Financing
With our accounts receivable financing, also known as factoring, we can provide your company with the cash you need for operations. This is not based on your credit, we only use your invoices to calculate the amount of funds that you need at a discount.

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