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My company can lease finance all types of capital equipment, software as well as any implementation and training that may be needed.

We Offer Competitive Rates

  • Financing for companies that have experienced a downturn due to the economy.

  • Lease financing for both venture backed companies and startups.

  • In addition to the private sector, we also specialize in financing solutions for municipalities and non-profits.


What Leasing can do for your Business

  • Improved Cash Flow and Profit -- you will pay for the equipment as it generates income

  • Tax Benefits -- lease payments are considered current business expenses, written off in the year paid and often completely deductible

  • 100% Financing

  • Preserves your lines of credit with the bank

You Can Lease a Wide Variety of Equipment
We can finance all types of capital equipment and related installation costs. We also provide lease financing for software licensing.

An Easy Business Solution
As an informed professional, you can see the advantages. Leasing makes economic sense; it protects against inflation, higher interest rates, and obsolescence.
Our services are designed to save a precious resource -- your time!

Aside from a reduced cash outlay, there are many benefits to leasing equipment:

  • Leasing can save time and hassle involved in finding a lender who will extend your company credit for purchasing new or used equipment.

  • Keeping pace with emerging technologies.

  • Short-term leases provides an opportunity to evaluate whether the equipment fits your needs.

  • Maintenance may be included in the lease, saving additional costs.

  • Using the leased asset for your business may result in tax advantages, as the lease or rental payments are deductible.

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